Like many writers, one of the things I loved about joining Twitter’s #WritingCommunity was the opportunity to discuss the craft and to learn with and from other writers. But as I followed more writers, questions about writing craft became difficult to find on my feed. So #StrictlyWriting was born, to make discussion questions more visible. With it came companion tags for writing craft/ writer help questions, comments about the experience of writing, sharing (and gathering) writer resources and sharing pieces of writing.

#StrictlyWriting’s Purpose

#StrictlyWriting‘s goal is to act as a place to ask questions, give advice and to learn from discussion about writing. It’s a space to talk about the nitty gritty of Writing Craft through to crafting Queries and Synopsis. You might like to tweet writing advice on it, reflections on what you’re learning about your craft, or to comment on what you find challenging or consider your strengths to be. Opportunities like Workshops, Festivals, Competitions, Critiques etc, and writer resources are also welcome on #StrictlyWriting. Self Promo is NOT welcome. Here’s a list of topics that are.


When tweeting questions about any stage of writing, whether broad ones (eg. asking for editing advice) or specific questions (eg. supporting the reader to track multiple pov characters), you’re welcome to use #StrictlyWritingQ as well. Its also for authoring questions -about publishing, author platforms (on any site) and book marketing. (A good way to do this is to describe the situation eg. I’m about to start my first edit and…, then say what you wonder/ want second opinions or advice on.


Whether you’re replying to q’s on #StrictlyWritingQ (eg. to ‘how do I craft a synopsis?) with a blog post on that topic, sharing a link to your own writing advice blog/ youtube video/ podcast etc., or sharing links to great resources created by other writers, please store them on #StrictlyWritingResources. To browse what’s already been shared on the tag, select it to see its feed.

#StrictlyWritingPieces -Poems & Shorts, Non-Resource Blogs

I have a soft spot for this hashtag. It’s a space to share poem tweets, shorts tweets or links to poetry or shorts you’ve shared elsewhere (on Medium for example). If your blog isn’t writing craft or author advice, (if it’s more like detailed updates on your wip, a virtual diary as a writer or other), it’s also welcome on #StrictlyWritingPieces.

Strictly Writing Community -on Discord

If you like the sound of the above tag purposes and would like to join a community writers supporting each other with craft and querying (mainly, there’s some author platform discussion too πŸ˜‰), you might like to join the Strictly Writing Community on Discord. For newbies, Discord allows the creation of many feeds by topic, organised by category, all accessible on a single page. This group covers writing craft discussion and seeking critical readers, query discussion and query package feedback, publishing, author platforms and resource link sharing (for all topics). Our admins are myself, @LeiaTalon and @erinya. If you would like an invite to our Discord group, click on the second tweet below to let me know and I’ll DM you an invite link (Discord Server links aren’t shared in public spaces πŸ˜‰).

Which Other Writer Hashtags Exist? Many, some for general & others for very specific purposes.

If you’d like to know about hashtags tags to connect with specific types of writers, tweet/ poetry/ shorts prompts, live chats, twitter pitch party tags, help & tips tags -I’ve cataloged them (and given advice for #WritingCommunity newbies on how to connect with other writers using them) in this post. (Yes, you will find casual, social writer tweeting tags there πŸ˜‰.)

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#StrictlyWriting & Companion Tags

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