If you’re like me, you often learn of international days (weeks/ months) relevant to one or more of your identities late, from social media posts. So to help you track key LGBTQIA+ and Neurodiverse International Dates (mainly individually visibility days), here’s a concise calendar of both.

Nice quiet start to the year —no dates!

LGBTQ History Month (UK)

Week after 14th: Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week

8th: Weird Pride Day (embracing not being ‘normal’, courtesy of SJGroenewegen @sjgroenewegen.bsky.social)

18th-24th: Neurodiversity Celebration Week

30th: World Bipolar Day

31: International Transgender Day of Visibility

Autism Awareness Month

2nd: World Autism Awareness Day

2nd: International Day of Pink (Anti-Homophobia and anti-bullying)

26: Lesbian Visibility Day

13th-19th: Mental Health Awareness Week

16: Global Accessibility Awareness Day

17: International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia

19: Agender Pride Day

24: Pansexual and Panromantic Awareness and Visibility Day

LGBTQ Pride Month

1: LGBTQ Families Day

5: Aromantic Visibility Day

18: Autistic Pride Day

Week of July 14: Nonbinary Awareness Week

14: International Nonbinary People’s Day

31st: International ADHD Awareness Day

Chill! No dates.

Week of September 23: Bisexual+ Awareness Week

23: Celebrate Bisexuality Day

ADHD Awareness Month

LGBTQ History Month (US)

8: International Lesbian Day

10: World Mental Health Day

11: National Coming Out Day

17-24th: GenderFluid Visibility Week

Last week of October: Asexual Awareness Week

Trans Awareness Month

13th-19th: Trans Awareness Week

3rd: International Day of Person’s with Disabilities

1: World AIDS Day

8: Pansexual/Panromantic Pride Day

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Neurodiverse/ Disability Awareness: Business Disability Forum.UK

LGBTQIA+ Dates: https://glaad.org/reference/calendar/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_LGBT_awareness_periods

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