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Like many writers, one of the things I loved about joining Twitter’s #WritingCommunity was the opportunity to discuss the craft and to learn with and from other writers. But as I followed more writers, questions about the business of writing and being an author virtually vanished from my feed. So #StrictlyWriting, its companion tags and its Discord Community were born.

#StrictlyWritingQ‘s goal is to act as a space to ask for writer or wip help, to talk about the nitty gritty of writing craft and reflect on your writing process (from outlining to querying) and to reply with advice to help each other on our writing journeys. For a list of topics you might like to tweet questions about or reply to, see the graphic below. If you’re interested in questions about wip content (eg. characters, setting etc), the most appropriate tags are #WipQuestions and #WipQuestion (the latter being a regular prompt tag hosted by @CMatthewsAuthor).

#StrictlyWriting is a space to tweet about the writing process, including advice, and sharing opportunities like workshops and festivals. Self Promo and Follow Threads are NOT welcome (on any Strictly tags). Here’s many topics which are.

#StrictlyWritingQ is for Q's on
Outlining, drafting, editing, critical readers, seeking help/ advice, query & synopsis crafting, author platform & publishing Q's.
#StrictlyWriting is for tweets about how you tackle giving advice, opportunity sharing (critiques, workshops, conferences, writer author groups etc).
To share/ find resources, #StrictlyWritingResources.


If you’re sharing a link to your own writing advice blog/ youtube/ podcast etc., or links to resources by other writers, please store them on #StrictlyWritingResources (for your own links, please use the tag a maximum of a few times a week, so no one creator dominates its feed). To browse what’s already been shared on #StrictlyWritingResources, select it to see its feed.

Strictly Writing Community -on Discord

For newbies, Discord began with gamers. It creates private groups, and allows the creation of many feeds by topic, organised by category, accessible on a single page.

The Strictly Writing Discord Community is a supportive space, with channels for writing craft discussion and seeking critical readers, query discussion and query package feedback, publishing and author platform discussion and resource link sharing (all topics). Its open to writers of all genres and text types, but most of us write fiction -novels and or shorts, for audiences of all ages.

If you would like to visit the Strictly Writing Discord server, reply to the tweet below and I’ll DM you an invite link (Discord links aren’t shared in public spaces 😉), or send me a message on Facebook.

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Which Other Writer Hashtags Exist? Many, some for general & others for very specific purposes.

If you’d like to know about hashtags to connect with specific types of writers, writing prompts, live chats & tips tags (on Twitter and Instagram), I’ve cataloged many from both in my Writing Community Hashtag Guide.

If you’re new to Twitter or Instagram, you’ll find advice on what to post and getting started on both in Social Media for Writers.

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