Writing Craft

Character Crafting

What defines your characters? Photo by Justice Amoh on Unsplash

Character Arc Guide -blog series by @KMWeiland.

Character & Craft Advice -blog series by @JudieannRose.

Writing Trans Characters -youtube series by @AuthorDrost.

Writing Characters in Third Person Omniscient (c.o. @CamieElias).

Plotting & Story Structure

Story Structure -blog series by KM Weiland (c.o. @AmeliaWiens).

KM Weilan’s Story Database -popular films and books for which she’s outlined major plot points. I read her outlines of films I’m familiar with as a guide to outline my pantsed first wip, which helped me identify plot holes and informed my revisions.

Where’s this story headed? Photo by darylgio agoncillo on Unsplash

3 Act Structure Introduction -youtube video (c.o. @kevindwriter).

Bringing Structure to Pantsing -blog (with language warning) by @jaelrbakari.

The One Page Plot Formula -an outline template and blog post on using it (c.o. @StorySorcery).

The Snowflake Method, a Plotting Technique by Randy Ingermason (c.o. @DavidHernston).

Save the Cat (by Blake Snyder), plotting beats illustrated with Avenger’s Infinity War in a video by Studiobinder.

Save the Cat beats defined by NYC Screenwriters Collective.

Editing & Critical Readers

Editing: Free & Paid Feedback and Tips on Telling You’re Finished

-blog by yours truly.

Finding and Working with Beta Readers

-blog by @LombardEmma

How to Find the Right Editor for Your Book

-blog by @AmeliaWiens

Podcasts & Youtube Channels Covering All Things Craft

20 Writing Podcasts -a blog describing the focus of each podcast (c.o. @MatWBT).

iwriterly -youbtube channel by Meg Latore, covering a range of writing craft (+querying and other) topics.

Campfire Technology (yeah, random name but I promise its about writingcraft) -youtube channel with Hero’s Journey & Character videos, plus a great one on pacing (c.o @erinbowlen).

World Building

Ice cavern, Iceland, by Elise Carlson.

Brandon Sanderson’s Free Lectures five & six.

Magic Systems: Power Escalation & Character Development, Hard Magic, Soft Magic -youtube videos (c.o. @VFue5).

Social Class Systems -youtube videos (c.o. @VFue5).

Querying Resources

Send and hope! Photo by Bundo Kim on Unsplash

Alexa Donne’s Youtube Channel gives thorough coverage of all things querying (+writing advice).

BookEnds Youtube Channel

iwriterly has a few great querying videos, including top reasons agents reject queries.

Crafting a Synopsis -blog by Susan Dennard.

Responding to Literary Agents Cheat Sheet -blog by @themoosef.

A Page of Query Letter Advice, Successful Examples & Literary Agent Databases Links – by @ElisesWritings.

Twitter Pitch Parties

Which parties can I pitch my novel in? -blog with pitch parties listed by genre and their website links by yours truly.

Crafting a Pitch -another blog by yours truly.

Party Tips & Info -blog (language warning) by @StorySorcery.

Publishing Information

Publishing and Other Forms of Insanity has a comprehensive list of publishers accepting unsolicited submissions (in multiple countries), a long list of articles about self-publishing and other useful resources, such as contests, and where to get reviews.

Author’s Publish is a mailing list, and one of the emails they send regularly is a comprehensive, free ebook guide to publishing. Their emails also contain reviews and lists of publishers and magazines accepting unsolicited submissions and other useful advice around submitting to agents, publishers and writing in general.

Self Publishing Advice Podcast by the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Facebook Group 20 Writers to 50k has an All Star Thread packed with marketing tips for self published authors.

Profit and Loss –How Publishers Decide What to Publish, by Jane Friedman.

If you publish directly with a publisher, The Society of Authors and Authors Guild both offer legal advice on publishing contracts to their members (c.o. @GenevievePuttay).

Building an Author Platform

How does one build such a mighty construction?
Photo by 贝莉儿 DANIST on Unsplash

Finding Your Target Audience by Marc Guberti.

Building a Platform s an Unpublished Writer -blog by Jane Friedman.

Building an Author Platform by @LombardEmma.

Social Media

Social Media Tips by Marc Guberti.

Website & Blog

Author Website Checklist -blog by @MelHawkesAuthor.

100 Blog Ideas for Unpublished Authors by @mixtusmedia.

Growing Your Blog and Tips to Make Readers Continue Reading, 3 More Blog Tips & Being a Guest Blogger by Marc Guberti.

Author Newsletter

Author Newsletter Checklist -blog by @MelHawkesAuthor.

Unpublished Author Newsletters -blog by @LombardEmma.

Help with Book Marketing

https://www.bookbub.com/partners (c.o. @chloecomplains)

https://bookfunnel.com (c.o. @gl_robinson)

https://allauthor.com (c.o. @SylvieDParris)

5 Free Book Promotion links (c.o. @RSJoneseeAuthor).

More Tools and 13 Book Marketing Tips in this post (c.o. @RSJoneseeAuthor).

24 Things David Kadavy Learnt From Self Publishing, including about KU.

Free Marketing Course , Starting From Zero by David Gaughran (c.o. @lilylawson22).

Writer Resources

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