Welcome to the site of Elise Carlson, YA Fantasy author. I’m an Australian, non-binary writer and my pronouns are they/ them.
On my blog, you’ll find critical reader checklists, querying and author platform advice. On my pages you’ll find descriptions of my YA Fantasy, and an ever growing collection of external links to my favourite writer resources. Enjoy your visit!

Elise Carlson YA Fantasy author on the coast.
Photo by yours truly.

My First Novel

My main character Prince Ruarnon in bronze armour.
Art Credit: GlintofMischief

Bookish Prince Ruarnon longs to prove their readiness to begin co-rule with their war hero father.

High King Kyura is determined to preserve his father’s legacy of peace with Ruarnon’s kingdom, against a growing tide of opposition.

Stranded Aussies, history nerd Linh and class clown Troy are just trying to get home.

The monster hoard’s instincts are to kill them all.
For Ruarnon to protect their people and Linh and Troy to clear their homeward path, all must agree to unlikely alliances, risking betrayal and gambling their lives on multiple fronts.

Ruarnon: Manipulator’s War seeks a publisher.
You can read more about it on the Manipulator’s War page or follow its publishing journey by joining me on my Fiction Frolics.

My Most Popular Blogs

Crafting a Quality book Pitch unpacks every essential pitch ingredient I know, with examples, to aid Twitter pitch party pitches and back cover blurbs alike.

Critical Reader Checklist Act 1 asks reflective questions to help guide well rounded critical reader feedback throughout Act 1.

Twitter Pitch Parties + Mentoring Programs

13 Pitch Parties on Twitter to pitch your book to literary agents, with detailed pitch and party preparation advice, plus mentoring links.

My Social Media

Where you’ll find my: Nature & Travel Photography & Poem Posts,
Tweets about writing, character & Setting Inspiration Pins.

Thanks for visiting! -Elise Carlson

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  1. Congratulations on your site! It’s great! I found it via Twitter. I’m a newbie and a writing enthusiast. It’s nice to see someone who wants to publish traditionally like me. Good luck with your novel. When you get your agent, you know it will be a good seller! Kudos again!

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