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I’m an Australian writer of mainly YA fantasy and speculative fiction. You’ll find Writing and Query Craft advice on my blog, plus a series on Twitter for Writers. My pages include links to my favourite Writer and Querying Resources, which I add to continually. My YA Novels page is also expanding, to include the picture books I’ve been writing to bring more positivity into the mayhem we call 2020.

A Little About Me

Glacier hike in Iceland. Photo by yours truly.

I’m a dreamer, often exploring fantasy worlds and speculative ideas through writing or reading. I’m energetic and enthusiastic, so I have multiple novels in progress from drafting through to querying. I’m also a primary school teacher and a traveler, photographing everything that captures my imagination and occasionally writing poetry about it. To learn more about me, visit my About Page. To see more of my poetry and photography, visit my Facebook or Instagram.

My First Novel

My main character Prince Ruarnon. Art Credit: GlintofMischief

Sixteen-year old Prince Ruarnon believes logic and careful consideration can overcome all obstacles, which is just as well, because when his parents are abducted in a plot to re-ignite war, he takes command of an army trapped in a city under siege. His advisors help and hinder him, while the monster army invading its way inland pushes him to pursue peace in the most dangerous way possible. Ruarnon: Manipulator’s War is seeking a literary agent. To read more about it, visit my YA Novels Page.


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