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I’m an Australian writer of Young Adult & Middle Grade Fantasy, Picture Books and occasional poetry. On My Blog, you’ll find critical reader checklists, pitching & querying resources and some social media for writers blogs.

My Site Pages describe my fiction and contain an ever growing collection of external links to my favourite writer resources.

Photo Credit: Pierre Lemond.

A Little About Me

Glacier hike in Iceland. Photo by yours truly.

Iā€™m a dreamer, often exploring fantasy worlds and speculative ideas through writing or reading. I’m energetic and enthusiastic, so I have multiple novels in progress from drafting through to querying. I’m also a primary school teacher and traveler, photographing everything which captures my imagination and occasionally writing poetry about it. To learn more, visit my About Page. For more of my poetry and photography, visit my Facebook or Instagram.

My First Novel

My main character Prince Ruarnon. Art Credit: GlintofMischief

Tested at every turn by his war hero father, bookish Prince Ruarnon is determined to prove his worth to begin co-rule on his seventeenth birthday.

Sensitive High King Kyura is determined to preserve his father’s legacy of peace with Ruarnon’s kingdom, but traitors in his court have other plans.

Across the ocean, Aussie teens Linh and Troy seek their way home, oblivious to the collision course they’re on with a monster hoard bound for Kyura’s kingdom.

To secure peace for his continent, Ruarnon will contend with the monsters, seek Linh and Troy’s help and risk being rewarded with his own murder.

Ruarnon: Manipulator’s War is seeking a literary agent. To follow its journey, subscribe to my newsletter.

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