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Welcome to the abode of Elise Carlson, YA Fantasy author!

I’m an Australian, non-binary writer and my pronouns are they/ them. On my blog, you’ll find critical reader checklists, querying and author platform advice. On my pages you’ll find descriptions of my YA Fantasy, and an ever growing collection of external links to my favourite writer resources.

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My Most Popular Blogs

Notebook, laptop, coffee cup and book on a table.

Crafting a Quality book Pitch unpacks every essential pitch ingredient I know, with examples, to aid Twitter pitch party pitches and back cover blurbs alike.

Manipulator's War cover on fractured yellow paint background.

Manipulator’s War Origins details the literary, archaeological, character and life’s big question influences on my debut Epic YA Fantasy.

Twitter Pitch Parties +Mentoring Programs.

13 Pitch Parties on Twitter to pitch your book to literary agents, with detailed pitch and party preparation advice, plus mentoring links.

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  1. Jacob Suarez

    Congratulations on your site! It’s great! I found it via Twitter. I’m a newbie and a writing enthusiast. It’s nice to see someone who wants to publish traditionally like me. Good luck with your novel. When you get your agent, you know it will be a good seller! Kudos again!

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