My favourite platform for Q&A, resource sharing and trading feedback with writers at similar stages of their journey is Discord (much easier to keep up with than Group Twitter DMs šŸ˜‰).

What’s Discord?

A platform hosting private, invite-only groups. Each server has group feeds displayed as hashtags (called channels), organised under Categories, accessed via a single menu pane. I use categories to separate discussion topics, types of feedback and resources shared on my servers. That makes everything easier to find and follow than any other group platform I’ve used.
All comments are displayed directly on the channels (there’s no posts, unlike FB groups, so it really allows multiple people to access, follow and contribute to the same discussion).

I’m admin or co-admin of…

#StrictlyWriting: Craft & Querying

Writing in notebook.

To discuss:
Craft & Editing
plus Querying
of all genres and audience ages, with SFF being most popular and Kidlit having its own corner.

For trading feedback on: shorts, chapters, pitches, query letters & synopsis.

And Sharing: Craft & Query Resources

Strictly Authoring Discord

Book stall.
Photo by Maico Pereira

To discuss:
Self PublishingĀ 
Author PlatformsĀ (eg. newsletters, socials, sites)
Book MarketingĀ Ā 

For feedback on: promo materials.

And Sharing: Self Pub, Author Platform & PromoĀ Resources

Join A Server

For an invite to either server (or both), reply to my tweet about both servers and let me know which you’d like to join, or use the email form on my Contact page. Iā€™ll email or DM you an invite(s).

NB: authors on these platforms include LGBTQI+, BIPOC, neurodiverse and authors with a disability. They are inclusive spaces, in which discrimination of any kind or bullying will not be tolerated.

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