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Writer Discords

Instead of a single group feed of random posts, on Discord everyone comments or asks questions on topically relevant channels, letting you go straight to channels whose topics interest you. That makes everything (especially resource links) easier to find and follow than any other group platform I’ve used.

I’m admin or co-admin of 4 Writer Discords, open to authors of all fiction (non-fiction is also welcome, though most relevant to the queer/ disabled server) and all identities (neo-nazis and TERFs/ transphobes need not apply).

#StrictlyWriting: Craft & Querying

Writing in notebook.

To discuss:
Craft & Editing
plus Querying
of all genres and audience ages, with SFF and Kidlit having their own corners.

For trading feedback on: shorts, chapters, pitches, query letters & synopsis.

And Sharing: Craft & Query Resources

Strictly Authoring

Book stall.
Photo by Maico Pereira

To discuss:
Self Publishing 
Author Platforms (eg. newsletters, socials)
Book Marketing  

For feedback on: promo materials.

And Sharing: Self Pub, Author Platform & Promo Resources

Writer Discords

Aussie Writers (AusWrites)

To Discuss:
Writing, author life & share jokes

For Regional Events: sharing conference details by state, arranging periodic meet ups (Melbourne based writers)

Writer Discords

Queer & or Disabled Writers

To discuss: life as our beautiful queer/ ND/ chronically ill or otherwise disabled selves, representation of our own identities or writing diverse identities.

To celebrate good news, or vent about life or seek advice.

To Join a Server

For an invite to any server, reply to my Insta post, Blue Sky post (queer/disability server post on bsky here), on Mastodon or send me an email via my contact page.


  1. Bhargavi Kumaran

    Hello! Could I get an invite to #StrictlyWriting? I’m in the query trenches and would love a supportive community

    • Elise Carlson

      Sure. I’ll email it to you.

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