Ruarnon: Manipulator’s War (YA Fantasy)

My main character, Prince Ruarnon in bronze cuirass & kilt, holding a helmet and spear.
My main character, Prince Ruarnon. Art Credit: GlintofMischief.

Bookish Prince Ruarnon knows they grew up in a rare oasis of peace. They know Taralah’s allies have been absent too long and that a neighbouring empire is ever looking to expand. Ruarnon is preparing for co-regency with their war-hero father with dedication and growing unease.

Neighbouring High King Kyura is morning his wife and son, while his subjects challenge his late father’s legacy of peace with Ruarnon’s people. Pro-war propaganda is spreading in the streets, and a well organised mutiny is leading Kyura to suspect high treason in his own palace.

A world away, history nerd Linh and her least favourite person, class clown Troy are noticing a sudden change in scenery. It marks their unwitting departure to another world.

Between Ruarnon and Linh lie monsters. Connecting clues could obtain the knowledge Ruarnon needs to protect their continent and it could clear Linh and Troy’s homeward path –if they risk their lives aiding Ruarnon against the monsters. Meanwhile, to secure peace with Kyura’s people, Ruarnon must risk betrayal, all Tarlah and their own murder.

Ruarnon: Manipulator’s War is seeking a publisher. For updates, join my Fiction Frolics.

Sythe: Walking the Knife’s Edge (YA SciFi-Fantasy)

Raised on the wrong side of town by an abusive, alcoholic father, Rarkin believes a job at Monster Containment offers the adventure and income he needs to escape. Getting his dream job means training at Sythe, but they only take the best and gaining admission will take everything he’s got. When the high pressure of criminal and monster encounters in training exposes cracks in his toxic means of dealing with negative emotions, Rarkin realizes he’s on a path to self destruction. To escape the life he hates, he must face his fears and slay his demons. Overcome them, and he’ll find that with his fierce loyalty and love of danger; he’s born for this job.

Walking the Knife’s Edge is awaiting editing, while I focus on editing my MG Fantasy.

Taking Back Dream School (MG Fantasy)

The cordial at Sarah’s new school is drugged. So is the teacher’s tea and coffee.
Each night, students and staff dream themselves to Dream School. It’s a paradise of adventure: flight with fairies and treasure hunts with pirates. But Dream School holds haunting memories of Sarah’s late best friend, which she flees in fear.

Sarah discovers the school’s mysterious snoop ‘Madam Spy’ is behind the drug. She’s testing it on students and staff, before using it to cheat her way into day-time government. When Sarah and friends stage a rebellion, Madam Spy imprisons everyone in Dream School nightly.

To free the dreamers and sabotage the drug trial, Sarah and friends recruit a T-rex with toileting issues, set bubble gum traps and probe the limits of the Dreamscape seeking allies. But a head to head battle of imaginations with Madam Spy requires all of Sarah’s imagination, which she cannot wield, until she faces the loss of her best friend.

Taking Back Dream School is seeking a literary agent and or publisher.

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