Ruarnon: Manipulator’s War

Tested at every turn by his war hero father, bookish Prince Ruarnon is determined to prove his worth to begin co-rule on his seventeenth birthday. But when his parents are abducted in a plot to provoke war, Ruarnon must prove himself by defending his city against an invading empire as sole regent.

Ruarnon’s counterpart, High King Kyura, faces greater challenges. Childbirth has claimed Kyura’s wife and newborn son, while his late father’s legacy of peace is challenged. Pro-war propaganda is spreading in the streets, and a well organised mutiny leads Kyura to suspect high treason in his own palace.

A world away, sixteen year old history nerd Linh and her least favourite person, class clown Troy notice a sudden change in scenery, marking their unwitting departure to an alternate world. Their only way home lies across an ocean -and a warzone. En route, an encounter with monsters gives them the knowledge Ruarnon will need to protect his people -and Kyura’s- against their continent’s greatest threat -a second invasion- of monsters. Ruarnon’s success depends on Linh and Troy being as willing to risk their lives helping him save strangers as he is to risk his life to secure peace.

Ruarnon: Manipulator’s War is seeking a literary agent. For updates, subscribe to my mailing list.

Sythe: Walking the Knife’s Edge

Raised on the wrong side of town by an abusive, alcoholic father, Rarkin believes a job at Monster Containment offers the adventure and income he needs to escape. Getting his dream job means training at Sythe, but they only take the best and gaining admission will take everything he’s got. When the high pressure of criminal and monster encounters in training exposes cracks in his toxic means of dealing with negative emotions, Rarkin realizes he’s on a path to self destruction. To escape the life he hates, he must face his fears and slay his demons. Overcome them, and he’ll find that with his fierce loyalty and love of danger; he’s born for this job.

Walking the Knife’s Edge is awaiting editing, while I focus on writing, editing and querying picture books, as a pleasant means of ending a year of general global upheaval.

Picture Books

The Best Team Ever

Learning to Smile Again

The THING in the Ceiling

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