Ruarnon; Manipulator’s War

Art by Glint of Mischief

Bookish Prince Ruarnon strives to prove himself worthy for co-regency in the shadow of a prodigal king, his war hero father. But co-regency isn’t for Ruarnon -his enemies see to that when they abduct his parents. The enemy army cries out for glory, blood and conquest and their new king is young and insecure. The shadow of war moves over Tarlah.

To defend his people against a vastly superior enemy, Ruarnon will need to convince advisors who can supplant him that he can rule as well as his father. But to pursue peace and defend his continent from a monster army, he’ll have to defy his upbringing and advisors, with the aide of an unlikely ally.

Sixteen year old history nerd Linh has no interest in romantic relationships, which makes life challenging for her would-be boyfriend Troy. When a sudden change in scenery marks their unwitting departure to an alternate world, no-one can tell how they arrived, and the only people who can send them back live beyond Ruarnon’s kingdom.

Luckily, Linh and Troy’s new hosts are Ruarnon’s allies, about to sail to the prince’s aid. But monsters stand between Linh, Troy and Tarlah. When they observe the unnatural way the monsters attack, and learn how unprepared Ruarnon’s continent is to fight them, Linh must choose between standing back in the safety her grandmother would want, or risking her life helping Ruarnon save hundreds of others.

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Sythe; Walking the Knifeā€™s Edge

Raised on the wrong side of town by an abusive, alcoholic father, Rarkin believes a job at Monster Containment offers the adventure and income he needs to escape. Getting his dream job means training at Sythe, but they only take the best and gaining admission will take everything he’s got. When the high pressure of criminal and monster encounters in training exposes cracks in his toxic means of dealing with negative emotions, Rarkin realizes he’s on a path to self destruction. To escape the life he hates, he must face his fears and slay his demons. Overcome them, and he’ll find that with his fierce loyalty and love of danger; he’s born for this job.

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