Querying & Publishing Resources

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If you thought writing and editing your novel was the hardest thing you’ve ever done -bad news- writing a query letter which clearly introduces your main character, conflict and stakes isn’t easy. Doing so concisely is harder still. Crafting a query which invites industry professionals to connect with your character and care about their conflict -which overall entices them- may seem impossible -at first. Great query crafting is an art (different to novel writing unfortunately) and requires honing a specific skill set. Luckily, there are many great resources listing the ingredients you need and more importantly -modelling what skillful inclusion of them can look like.

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A Writing Community Hashtag Guide

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I have a sneaking suspicion writers are missing opportunities to connect (with each other and readers) and to receive help and advice because of unfamiliarity with hashtags -Twitter old hands and newbies alike. Whether you’re new or a twitter veteran, I hope this guide helps you make the most of your tweets and positions you well to find whatever you seek in the #WritingCommunity. With so many non-writing related tweets flooding our feeds, I also hope it will help you find and participate in serious conversation about writing.

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