Crafting a Quality Pitch + Twitter Party Participation

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With thousands of pitches set to pour through Twitter’s #Pitmad feed for literary agent and indie publisher perusal on Thursday, its time to tell you everything I know about crafting a quality pitch (illustrated with tweet pitch examples, though advice here also applies to query letter pitches). I’ll also give you advice on preparing for pitch party days, which can be chaotic, stressful and discouraging if you participate on your own.

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11 Twitter Tips for #WritingCommunity Newbies

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A year and a half ago, I was a technophobe who didn’t see the point of social media, until I discovered Twitter’s #WritingCommunity. On twitter, I made friends and met many writers who have helped me on my editing journey and with preparation to query my first novel. Being a relative technophobe, Twitter was initially alien to me and quite a learning curve. Whether twitter is merely a next step for you, or a leap out of your comfort zone, I hope these tips will help you get started if you’re new, or continue to settle in if you’re new-ish.

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