Ruarnon Trilogy Book 1

Manipulator's War's Cover. Red glyphs glow in a stone archway, framing a dark scene of fire arrows arching down on a wall where a lone defender stands. Spears of an invading army fill the foreground.

“The dangers of ruling over a Kingdom hits Ruarnon in the face one night when their parents are kidnapped after a foiled assassination attempt. Now Ruanon is unsure of who to trust as they attempt to rule the kingdom and prevent war from a neighbouring kingdom.

“Lihn finds herself in an unknown location while on a school trip to Australia. How did she get there? And more importantly, how does she get back home?

“I really enjoyed this novel. It was fast paced and unpredictable. I couldn’t wait for both storylines to come together and how they would.

“The main character being non binary is what caught my attention the most. It is not something I’ve seen before in the fantasy genre. I saw that this is supposed to be a trilogy so I can’t wait for the next book.” —Amazon review.

Ruarnon Trilogy Book 2

Secrets of the Sorcery War.
A sailing ship glides on a bright blue sea between two high, sunlit cliffs towards a natural harbour. Sunlight beams down between the cliffs, and birds soar above the sails.

Ruarnon sets sail, seeking allies to help recover their parents from sorcerer-king Nartzeer, who’s shipping murderous monsters abroad for reasons unknown. The voyage is feisty history nerd Linh and class clown Troy’s chance to sale west, where lie gateways they could travel home —to Australia— via, and the only sorcerers in the world able (and hopefully willing) to operate those gateways.

Magic, solving abductions & evermore dangerous adventures await all three on a volcanic island and the high seas. They learn from survivors of the Sorcery War, and discover the terrible powers of Ruarnon’s allies, and the frightening new abilities of King Nartzeer’s armies.

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Secrets of Distant Shores (Ruarnon Trilogy #2)

Ruarnon Trilogy Prequel

Rebellion is Due's book cover. Urmilian leans on a spear, wearing a bronze cuirass and bronze disc kilt, holding a bronze helmet on his knee.

Everywhere he looks, 15-year-old Urmillian sees his people suffering under brutal foreign occupation. High taxes drive poverty and malnutrition, while the execution of anyone suspected of resistance brings the people of Tarlah to their knees. Urmillian longs to join his father’s uprising and free his people, despite father’s orders to protect the family home. When occupying soldiers turn on all Tarlahans, Urmillian’s younger brother calls for aid. But the streets are filling with soldiers. If Urmillian doesn’t help cut them off, the city will be overrun. So he risks both their lives by abandoning his household’s defence and joining his older sister on the front line.

An action-packed YA Fantasy short story (7500 words), set before Manipulator’s War.

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