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I know of nine parties on twitter to pitch your novel to literary agents and three author mentoring programs, throughout the year. In this post you’ll find links to every pitch party website, a twitter mentoring event, a pre-party checklist and parties listed by calendar month.

But First… Are You Ready to Query? Have you edited your MS for every aspect that every writing craft resource you’ve read or viewed mentioned? For every aspect of character, setting and external plot you’ve considered or developed as you write? Have you received feedback from critical readers focused on improving the quality of your MS (not on complimenting you, or holding back for fear of hurting your feelings)? Then edited, then possibly sought more critical reader feedback and edited again? Deciding when you’ve finished editing is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make as a writer. For tips to help you judge, see this post. Also, talk to your beta readers, critique partners and or editors, as their (much fresher) eyes can help you make the call. Is Your Pitch Ready? Have you read advice on how to craft a tweet pitch? For my best advice, see this post. And have you received feedback on your pitch to inform revisions? To get your Pre-Pitch Party Checklist, subscribe to my newsletter.

Which Pitch Party is for Me?

#IWSGpit -most fiction- January- IWSG Website

#SFFPit -Fantasy, Sci-fi, Speculative Fiction- January & July. SFFPit Website

#KissPit -Romance- February- KissPit Website

#FaithPitch -Christian Fiction- February & November. Website

#Pitmad -most fiction & non-fiction- March, June, September & December. Website

#DVpit -Marginalised Writers- April & Oct. DVpit Website.

#WMPitch -Picture Books through to YA- May & Sept. WMPitch Website.

#PBPitch -Picture Books- February, May, October. PBPitch Website

Savvy Authors Autumn Pitchfest -October. This event is by registration on their site.

#PitDark -Dark Fiction- May & Oct- PitDark Website.

More Pitch Party Details: for exact (and current dates), participation rules, which hashtags to use etc, click on the website of the party you’d like to know more about above. There are also parties for critiquing tweet pitches, but they don’t run before every party, such as #Mockpit (hosted by @KyraMNelson) and #Pracpit. #WMPitch has its own pitch feedback party #PeerPitch, while #DVPit’s feedback party is #PreDVPit.

Pitch Parties By Calendar Month

January  #IWSGpit & #SFFPit  

February  #KissPit#PBPitch (#AuthorMentorMatch -mentoring)

March #Pitmad 

April #DVpit & #Revpit (Revision & Editor Mentoring) 

May #PitDark#WMPitch

June #Pitmad & #PBPitch

July  #SFFPit  

Sept  #Pitmad & #WMPitch (#Pitchwars mentoring submission window opens)

October #DVpit 26th & 27th & #PitDark & #PBPitch 29th. Savvy Authors Autumn Pitchfest 28-30th.

November #FaithPitch 

Dec #Pitmad

*All dates on this post are based on 2020 dates as of September 14th, but many events will run during the same month in 2021*

Writer Mentoring Events

There are three mentoring programs which involve matching writers with mentors, who will provide manuscript editing notes and help writers hone manuscript for submission, #Pitchwars mentors also helping with query package edits. For #AuthorMentorMatch and #Pitchwars the mentors are authors, for #Revpit they are editors.

#AuthorMentorMatch, is run by @AuthorMentorMatch in February.

#Revpit is Revision & Editor Mentoring for MG, YA & Adult Fiction, which begins with pitching on Twitter in April. For more details, visit the Revpit Website.

#Pitchwars mentors profiles can be viewed and the submission window for writers to submit via email opens in September. For more details visit the Pitchwars Website.

Critique. #PassorPages by @OpAwesome6 is for query critiquing. For details on which genres and audience ages you can receive feedback on and when visit their website.

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